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Welcome to the Rhode Island Club Of Australia.


The club was established in 1959 with the sole purpose to encourage and promote the breeding and showing of the Rhode Island breed. At the time the Rhode Island was a very popular breed and even with the ups and downs in popularity over the years the club has succesfully held a national show every year since. The club also fosters four club branches covering the whole of eastern Australia. These are based in QLD,VICTORIA, SOUTHERN N.S.W , NORTHEN N.S.W.Our national show is currently held on a five year rotating basis with each branch having the oppurtunity to host a national show and then a national super show hosted by the mother club of every fifth year at Dubbo in central N.S.W. Currently the club has members in every state in Australia who are kept fully informed with club activities and breeding information through the club newsletter, The Rhode Island Recorder,published twice yearly in April and November




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